IKKA Kenpo International
Individual Lineage Membership

Awarded to all Black Belts on The Original American Kenpo Karate Family Tree. 

IKKA Kenpo International
Individual Charter Membership

Open to those who meet three of the criteria below are eligible for this membership.

  1. Promoted to Black Belt directly under Grand Master Gilbert Velez.
  2. Instructor of a Charter School
  3. Helped launch IKKA Kenpo International
  4. Have been training within in our group since 1990
  5. Has been the host or will host an IKC
  6. Was a direct student of Founding Senior Grand Master Edmund K. Parker
  7. Holds a 4th Degree Black Belt or Higher
  8. Has given back to the American Kenpo Karate Community
    1. Taught or Hosted seminars
    2. Hosted a Training Camp
    3. Written Books, Instructional Manuals etc.
    4. Produced Videos, DVD’s

Contact the organization for details. 

IKKA Kenpo International
School Charter Membership

Open to those Schools/Clubs whose instructor was promoted directly under Grand Master Gilbert Velez or any other Charter School/Club Instructor. School’s/Club’s rank must be varifiable (this is up to the discretion of the Management Team). Contact the organization for details.